همد همذ همر


هَمَاذِىٌّ, (Ṣ, L,) or هُمَاذِىٌّ, (L, in all its senses,) Quickness (L, Ḳ) in running: (L:) or exertion, or haste, in pace, or in going. (Sh, L.)

word: هَمَاذِىٌّ(signification - A2)

Violence, of rain: (AʼObeyd, Ṣ, L, Ḳ:) and [so in the L: in the TA, as some say,] violent occasions of rain, and of mutual reviling, and of running; which are sometimes violent, and at other times remit: (L:) and violence of heat; (IAạr, L, Ḳ;) as also حُمَاذِىٌّ. (IAạr, L.) You say, يَوْمٌ ذُوهُمَاذِىٍّ, and حُمَاذِىٍّ, A day of violent heat. (IAạr, L.)

word: هَمَاذِىٌّ(signification - A3)

Quick, or swift; (AʼObeyd, Ṣ, L, Ḳ;) applied to a she-camel, (AʼObeyd, Ṣ, L, Ḳ,) and to a he-camel, (AʼObeyd, Ṣ, L.)