سمح سمحج سمحق


, applied to a she-ass and to a mare, (Ṣ, O, Ḳ,) but not to a male, (AO, Ṣ, O,) and sometimes to a she-camel, (TA,) Long in the back; (Ṣ, O, Ḳ;) as also سِمْحَاجٌ (O, Ḳ) and سَمْحُوجٌ: (O:) [see an ex. in a verse cited voce شَغَبَ:] pl. of the last but one, or of the last, not of the first as it is asserted to be by A'Obeyd and by Kr, سَمَاحِيجُ: (TA:) and the first, a mare slender in the body, or lean in the belly, but thick in the part between the shoulder and shoulder-blade, (O, Ḳ, TA,) having thick and strong flesh: (TA:) applied only to females. (Ḳ.)
Also, applied to a bow, Long. (O, Ḳ.)


Length in anything. (T, O, Ḳ.)


: see سَمْحَجٌ.


: see سَمْحَجٌ.
Also Tall and hateful or hated; (O, Ḳ;) applied in this sense to a man. (O.)