خرع خرعب خرف


(Ḳ) and خَرْعَبَةٌ (TA) and خُرْعُوبٌ and خُرْعُوبَةٌ (Ḳ) A branch, or twig, until a year old; or of a year's growth: or fresh, or juicy, and tall: (Ḳ, TA:) or (TA) soft, or tender, and of recent growth, (Ḳ, TA,) that has not yet become hard: (TA:) or خُرْعُوبٌ [is an epithet, and] signifies a bending branch or twig. (Ṣ.) [Compare خَرِعٌ, and خِرْوَعٌ, and خَرِيعٌ.]
Also, [i. e. all the words above,] (Ḳ,) or خَرْعَبَةٌ [only], (TA,) A young woman of goodly make, soft, or tender: (Ḳ:) or a young woman large in body, and of goodly make: or soft, or tender, and pliant: (TA:) or fair, tender, or pliant, fat, large in body, fleshy, with small, or delicate, bones: (Ḳ:) or fair: (TA:) or soft, or pliant, in the waist, and tall: (Aṣ, TA:) or large in the body, and fleshy: (TA:) or خُرْعُوبَةٌ and خَرْعَبَةٌ signify a girl slender in the bones, (Ṣ, TA,) having much flesh, (TA,) and soft, or tender: (Ṣ, TA:) or a young woman of goodly stature, resembling a twig (خُرْعُوبَةِ) of a year's growth. (Lth, TA.) And خَرْعَبٌ signifies A soft, or tender, body. (TA.) And A tall and fleshy man. (Ḳ.)


: see above, in three places.


: see خَرْعَبٌ, in two places.
Also A tall and well-made camel: (Ṣ:) or a tall and large she-camel: and one having much milk. (Ḳ.)


: see خَرْعَبٌ, in two places.
Also A piece of a gourd, and of a cucumber, and of fat; as in the L &c.: in the Ḳ written خُذْعُوبَةٌ. (TA.)