هود هوذ هور


الهَوْذَةُ, (L, Ḳ,) or هَوْذَةُ, [without the art. ال, as a proper name,] (Ṣ, L,) written by Ed-Demeeree with damm, but fault has been found with him for this, (MF,) [The bird called] the قَطَاة: (Ṣ, L, Ḳ:) or, as some say, the female قطاة: (L:) or هَوْذَةُ, (as a determinate noun) is the name of a certain bird, (L, Ḳ,) different from the above: (L:) pl. هُوَذٌ, (as in the CK and a MṢ copy of the Ḳ) or هَوْذٌ, formed by eliding the augmentative letter: (TA:) [and this seems to be the correct reading; for it occurs in a verse, cited in the TA, in which the measure required it to be of one syllable: it therefore appears that هَوْذٌ is a coll. gen. n., of which the n. un. is with ة.]