فره فرهد فرو

Q. 2تَفَرْهَدَ

, said of a boy, or youth, not of a man, He became fat. (TA. [See also فُرْهُدٌ, and مُفَرْهَدٌ.])


: see the next paragraph, in three places.


(Ṣ, M, O, L, Ḳ) and فُرْهُودٌ (M, L, Ḳ) A boy, or youth, (L,) fat, or compact in make, (حَادِرٌ,) and thick; (Ṣ, M, O, L, Ḳ;) as also فَرْهَدٌ: (O:) and soft, thin-skinned, and plump: (M, O, * Ḳ:) some assign this meaning to قُرْهَدٌ, but others say that this is a corruption, and it is correctly with ف: and one says also غُلَامٌ فُلْهُدٌ, meaning a plump boy or youth: (L:) also, (Ḳ,) or فُرْهُدٌ [only], (TA,) or فُرْهُودٌ, (IDrd, O,) a boy, or youth, (IDrd, O, Ḳ, TA) not a man, (IDrd, O,) plump (IDrd, O, Ḳ, TA) in body, (TA,) and beautiful (IDrd, O, Ḳ, TA) in face; (TA;) as also فَرْهَدٌ: (Ḳ:) and فُرْهُدٌ and فَرْهَدٌ signify a boy, or youth, that has nearly attained to puberty. (O. [See also فَلْهَدٌ and فَوْهَدٌ.])
Also, i. e. the first and second, (L, Ḳ,) or فُرْهُودٌ, which is of the dial. of Azd, (O,) The whelp of a lion; (O, L, Ḳ;) of the dial. of 'Omán: the pl. [of فُرْهُودٌ, or] of فُرْهُدٌ, accord. to Kr, is فَرَاهِيدٌ; but ISd distrusts his authority on a matter of this kind. (L.)


: see the next preceding paragraph, in four places.
Also A young mountain-kid. (L, Ḳ.)
And [the pl.] فَرَاهِيدُ signifies Young lambs or kids. (O, Ḳ.)


A fat boy or youth. (TA.)