سكر سكرج سكرك


سُكُرُّجَةٌ, or سُكُرَّجَةٌ, accord. to different authorities, (TA,) or both, (MF,) not an Arabic word, but occurring in a trad.; [arabicized from the Pers. سُكْرَچَهٌ, meaning A saucer;] a sort of small bowl-shaped vessel, in [or out of] which one eats: it is of two sizes; the larger holding six ounces; and the smaller, three ounces, or four mithkáls, or between two thirds of an ounce [and some other quantity more or less (for there is an omission in this place in my original)]: in such vessels, placed upon the tables, around the meats, the Arabs used to put sauces and the like to excite the appetite and to aid digestion: expl. by Ed-Dáwoodee as a small, varnished, bowlshaped vessel. (TA.)