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Conjugations of Arabic Verbs.

1. (1st variety) فَعَلَ, يَفْعُلُ: (2nd) فَعَلَ, يَفْعِلُ: (3rd) فَعَلَ, يَفْعَلُ: (4th) فَعِلَ, يَفْعَلُ: (5th) فَعُلَ, يَفْعُلُ: (6th) فَعِلَ, يَفْعِلُ.
2. فَعَّلَ: variations قَصَّى (for قَصَّصَ) and the like.
3. فَاعَلَ.
4. أَفْعَلَ.
5. تَفَعَّلَ: variations اِفَّعَّلَ, in cases of verbs of which the ف is ت, ث, ج, د, ذ, ز, س, ش, ص, ض, ط or ظ: also تَظَنَّى (for تَظَنَّنَ) and the like: تَفَعَّلُ &c. (for تَتَفَعَّلُ &c.)
6. تَفَاعَلَ‎: variations اِفَّاعَلَ, in cases like those in which‎ تَفَعَّلَ sometimes becomes اِفَّعَّلَ: also ‏تَفَاعَلُ &c. (for تَتَفَاعَلُ &c.)
7. اِنْفَعَلَ: variations اِنَّصَرَ (for اِنْنَصَرَ) and the like; and اِمَّلَسَ (for اِنْمَلَسَ) and the like.
8. اِفْتَعَلَ: variations فَعَّلَ, فِعَّلَ, فِعِّلَ, or فَعِّلَ, in the cases of verbs of which the ع is ت, ث, ج, د, ذ, ز, س, ش, ص, ض, ط, or ظ: also ‎such as اِتَّبَعَ (for اِتْتَبَعَ), اِتَّغَرَ and اِثَّغَرَ and اِدَّغَرَ (for اِثْتَغَرَ), اِجْدَمَعَ (for اِجْتَمَعَ), اِدَّرَكَ (for اِدْتَرَكَ), اِدَّكَرَ and اِذَّكَرَ and اِذْدَكَرَ (for اِذْتَكَرَ), اِزْدَادَ (for اِزْتَادَ), اِصْطَبَرَ and اِصَّبَرَ (for اِصْتَبَرَ‎), اِضْطَرَبَ and اِضَّرَبَ (for اِضْتَرَبَ), اِضْطَرَدَ (for اِطْتَرَدَ), اِطَّبَعَ (for اِطْتَبَعَ), اِطَّلَمَ and اِظْطَلَمَ and اِظَّلَمَ (for اِظْتَلَمَ), اِتَّقَى (for اِوْتَقَى), اِتَّسَرَ (for اِيتَسَرَ): اِلْطَجَعَ (for اِصْطَجَعَ): اِعَذَّرَ and اِعِذِّرَ (for اِعْتَذَرَ).
9. اِفْعَلَّ: variations اِفْعَلَلَ, in the case of a verb of which the ل is unsound; as اِرْعَوَى: and اِفْعَلَلَّ as اِبْيَضَضَّ.
10. اِسْتَفْعَلَ: variations اِسْطَاعَ and اِسْتَاعَ (for اِسْتَطَاعَ).
11. اِفْعَالَّ: variation اِفْعَالَلَ, in the case of a verb of which the ل is unsound; as اِحْوَاوَى.
12. اِفْعَوْعَلَ.
13. اِفْعَوَّلَ.
Q.1. فَعْلَلَ.
Q.2. تَفَعْلَلَ.
Q.3. اِفْعَنْلَلَ.
Q.4. اِفْعَلَلَّ.
R. Q. 1. Verbs of the classes of بَلْبَلَ (in which the first and third radical letters are the same, and the second and fourth,) and جَلْبَبَ (in which the third and fourth radical letters are the same).
R. Q. 2. Verbs of the classes of تَبَلْبَلَ and تَجَلْبَبَ.
R. Q. 3. Verbs of the classes of اِقْعَنْسَسَ.
R. Q. 4. Verbs of the classes of اِبْيَضَضَّ, mentioned above, (see 9,) as variations of اِفْعَلَّ, may be classed under this head.
Q. Q. 1. فَعْلَسَ; فَعْلَمَ; فَعْلَنَ (as عَلْوَنَ according to some, and عَشْرَنَ); فَعْلَى; فَعْأَلَ; فَعْمَلَ; فَعْنَلَ; فَعْهَلَ; فَعْوَلَ; فَعْيَلَ ; فَأْعَلَ; فَتْعَلَ; فَنْعَلَ; فَهْعَلَ; فَوْعَلَ; ‎‏فَيْعَلَ; ‎‏تَفْعَلَ; سَفْعَل‏; مَفْعَلَ; نَفْعَلَ; هَفْعَلَ; يَفْعَلَ.
Q. Q. 2. تَفَعْلَتَ; تَفَعْلَى; تَفَعْنَلَ; تَفَعْوَلَ; تَفَعْيَلَ; تَفَوْعَلَ; تَفَيْعَلَ; تَمَفْعَلَ.
Q. Q. 3. اِفْعَنْللأَ‎; اِفْعَنْلَى; اِفْعَأْلَلَ; اِفْعَلَّلَ‏; اِفْعَوْلَلَ; اِفْعَيَّلَ‏; اِفْتَعْأَلَ; اِفْوَنْعَلَ‎‎.
Q. Q. 4. ‏اِفْعَأَلَّ; اِفْعَهَلَّ; اِفْلَعَلَّ; ‏اِفْمَعَلَّ‏; اِفْوَعَلَّ‏; اِنْغَعَلَّ.

Beside these, there are some other forms of Q. Q. verbs, not to be classed with any of the foregoing. And probably there are some other varieties of Q. Q. 2; each quasi-passive of Q. Q. 1.