وذأ وذب وذح


The stomach of a ruminant beast, (or, as in some lexicons, the stomachs of such beasts, TA,) with the intestines, or guts, into which milk is put, and which are then cut in pieces, [and eaten]: a pl. which has no sing. (ISd, Ḳ.)
Also The perforations, or punctures, made in sewing, or the loops, (the word in the original is خُرَبٌ, pl. of خُرَبْةٌ: in some of the lexicons, خُرَزٌ: but both these words relate to the same things: TA: [whence it appears that, accord. to the author of the TA, &c., the former of the above two meanings is the one intended:]) of a مَزَادَة. (Ḳ.)