هدب هدبد هدج


هُدَبِدٌ andهُدَابِدٌ↓ Very thick milk: (Ṣ, L, Ḳ:) sour and thick milk. (L.) The former word is a contraction of the latter. (Ṣ.)

word: هُدَبِدٌ(signification - A2)

Also the former, Smallness of the eyes, and weakness of the sight; or nyctalopia, or the seeing better by night than in the day, and in a cloudy day than in a clear one; syn. خَفَشٌ: (L, Ḳ:) or (so in the L, in the Ḳ, and) weakness of the eye, (Ḳ,) or, of the sight: (L:) or (so in the L; in the Ḳ, and) [that weakness of the sight which is termed] عَشًا, [which is a badness of sight by night and day; or the quality of seeing by day but not by night,] (El-Mufaddal, L, Ḳ,) also termed شَبْكَرَةٌ: (El-Mufaddal, L:) or weakness of the sight, with a flowing of the tears at most times; syn. عَمَشٌ: (Ṣ, L:) or this is a mistake: (Ḳ:) or any injurious affection of the eye. (M, F.)

word: هُدَبِدٌ(signification - A3)

Also, Weak-sighted: (L, Ḳ:) an epithet applied to a man. (L.)

word: هُدَبِدٌ(signification - A4)

Also, Black gum (L, Ḳ) which flows from trees. (L.)


هُدَابِدٌ: see هُدَبِدٌ.