نمس نمش نمص

1. (نمش)

نَمِشَ, aor. ـَ, (Ḳ,) inf. n. نَمَشٌ. (TA,) He, or it, was, or became, speckled with white and black: or marked with sports upon the skin differing from it in colour. (Ḳ.) See نَمَشٌ below.

verb form: 1.(dissociation - B1)

نَمَشَهُ, inf. n. نَمْشٌ, He variegated it; or decorated, or embellished, it: (TA;) [as alsoنمّشهُ↓, but app. in an intensive sense, for its inf. n.] تَنْميشٌ is syn. with تَدْبِيجٌ. (TA.)

verb form: 1.(signification - B2)

[And hence, app.,]He mixed, or confounded, it, e. g., good speech with bad; as also the latter of these two words. (TA.)

2. (نمّش)

see 1, in two places.


نَمْشٌ A mark, trace, vestige, or relic. (TA.)


نَمَشٌ White and black specks (Ṣ, A, Mgh, Ḳ) in a colour: (TA:) or spots in the skin differing from it in colour; (IDrd, A, Ḳ;) sometimes in horses, and mostly in such as are of a sorrel colour. (TA.)

word: نَمَشٌ(signification - A2)

Lines, or streaks, of variegations or decorations in variegated or figured cloth, &c. (Ḳ.)

word: نَمَشٌ(signification - A3)

Whiteness in the roots, or lower parts, of the nails, which goes away and returns. (TA.)


نَمِشٌ Speckled with white and black; applied to a bull; (TA:) and soأَنْمَشُ↓; (Mgh, TA;) applied to a man. (Mgh.) You say, ثَوْرٌ نَمِشٌ, meaning, A wild bull, which has specks (Ṣ, TA) and lines. or streaks. (TA.) And ثَوْرٌ نَمِشٌ القَوَائِمِ A bull having black lines, or streaks, in the legs. (A.) Andعَنْزٌ نَمْشَآءُ↓ A she-goat that is black speckled with white, or white speckled with black. (TA.)

word: نَمِشٌ(signification - A2)

سَيْفٌ نَمِشٌA sword in which are diversified wavy streaks. (A, Ḳ,* TA.)

word: نَمِشٌ(signification - A3)

بَعِيرٌ نَمِشٌ A camel having in his foot a mark that becomes distinctly shown upon the ground, without any mark thereon made artificially; (Ibn-ʼAbbád, Ḳ;) and so بعير نَهِشٌ. (Ibn-'Abbàd, TA.)


أَنْمَشُ: fem. نَمْشَآءُ: see نَمِشٌ, in two places.