كهب كهد كهدب


, (Ṣ, Ḳ,) aor. كَهِدَ, inf. n. كَهْدٌ (Ḳ) and كَهَدَانٌ, (Ṣ, Ḳ,) He was quick; made haste; (L, Ḳ;) in his pace: (L:) he (an ass) ran; syn. عَدَا. (Ṣ, L.)
كَهَدَ and اكهد He was quick in service. (TA.)
كَهَدَ He was importunate, persevering, or urgent, in petitioning, or seeking, or desiring. (Ḳ.)
كَهَدَ and اكهد He was, or became, fatigued, tired, or weary. (Ḳ.)
كَهَدَ and اكهد He became jaded, harassed, or fatigued, by labour, or toil: as also كَدَهَ and أَكْدَهَ. (L.)
كَهَدْتُهُ (so in the copies of the Ḳ; but differently in the Ṣ: [see 4:] TA I made him to be quick, or to hasten. (Ḳ.)


I made him (an ass) to run. (Ṣ, L.) See also 1.
اكهد He fatigued, tired, or wearied, (L, Ḳ,) his companion. (L.)

Q. Q. 4إِكْوَهَدَّ

It (a young bird) trembled, or fluttered, before its mother, that she might feed it: (Ṣ, L:) and he (an old man) trembled: (L:) i. q. إِقْمَهَدَّ. (Ḳ.)


Distress; trouble; fatigue; weariness; i. q. جَهْدٌ. (TA.) You say أَصَابَهُ جَهْدٌ وَكَهْدٌ [Distress, &c., befell him]. (L, Ḳ.)


A female slave: (Ḳ:) so called because of her quickness in service. (TA.)

كَهُودُ اليَدَيْنِ

A she-ass quick in the fore legs. (L, Ḳ.)


and مُكْهَدٌ Fatigued; tired; weary. (L.)


One who trembles by reason of old age. (Ḳ.)


: see كَاهِدٌ.