جوش جوشن جوع


جَوْشَنٌ The breast: (IDrd, Ṣ, Mgh, Ḳ:) or the broad part of the middle of the breast: and the fore part of the body of a locust. (TA.)

Root: جوشن - Entry: جَوْشَنٌ.1 Signification: A2

A coat of mail: (Ṣ, Mgh, Ḳ:) or mail with which the breast and the حَيْزُوم [or parts adjoining the breast] are clad. (M, TA.)

Root: جوشن - Entry: جَوْشَنٌ.1 Signification: A3

The middle of the night: (Ṣ, Ḳ:) and (so in the Ṣ, but in the Ḳ “or”) the fore part thereof: (Ṣ, Ḳ:) pl. جَوَاشِنُ. (Ṣ.) You say, مَضَى جَوْشَنٌ مِنَ اللَّيْلِ An early portion of the night passed: (Ṣ:) or [simply] a portion of the night. (M, TA.) It is a dial. var. of جَوْشٌ, [in the first of the meanings explained above, and also as relating to the night,] although augmented. (TA.)


جَوْشَنِىٌّ A manufacturer of coats of mail. (Ḳ.)