بهى بو بوا


بَوٌّ A skin of a young unweaned camel stuffed (Lth, T, Ṣ, M, Ḳ) with straw (Lth, T, M, Ḳ) or with ثُمَام [i. e. panic grass] (M, Ḳ) or with dry herbage, (M,) to which a she-camel is made to incline (Lth, T, Ṣ) when her young one has died: (Ṣ:) it is brought near to the mother of the young camel [that has died], in order that she may incline to it, and yield her milk (M, Ḳ) over it. (M.)

word: بَوٌّ(signification - A2)

Also A she-camel's young one. (M, Ḳ.)

word: بَوٌّ(signification - A3)

And † Stupid; foolish; having little sense, or intellect; as alsoبَوِّىٌّ↓; (IAạr, T, Ḳ;) applied to a man: (IAạr, T:) fem. بَوَّةٌ. (Ḳ.)

word: بَوٌّ(signification - A4)

And البَوُّ, (Ḳ,) or بَوُّ الأَثَافِى, (Lth, T, Ṣ, M,)Ashes: (Lth, T, Ṣ, M, Ḳ:) so called [as being lifeless,] by way of comparison [to the stuffed skin of a young camel]. (M.)


بَوِّىٌّ: see above.


بَوْبَاةٌ, mentioned in this art. in the Ṣ, and also, as well as in art. بوب, in the Ḳ: see the latter art.